Fly to the Venus (2015)

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The movie centers around a student named Wang Peng Peng, who has an IQ of 145 and is a computer genius. In order to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend Lin Yi Nan, Wang decides to develop a computer program which he named “Wang Peng Peng 8.0”, which looks exactly like him and is given the task of taking care of his girlfriend ~~ The film is inspired by Cecilia Cheung’s song “Xing Yu Xing Yuan”.



  • Title: 星語心願之再愛 / Xing Yu Xin Yuan Zhi Zai Ai
  • Also Known As: Fly Me To Venus
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Run-time: 1 hr. 30 min
  • Release Date: Sep 11, 2015
  • Download Links: 540p | 720p
  • Subtitles Link: Chinese, English (Hard-sub)

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