Confession of Murder (2017)

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In 1995, 5 serial murder cases took place. Ko Makimura took charge of the murder cases and tried to catch the serial killer. Due to the killer’s trap, Ko Makimura’s superior was killed. The serial murder case has been unsolved to this date.

22 years later, a murder memoir “Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu” (“I am a Murderer”) is published. The author describes himself as the killer responsible for the 5 unsolved serialmurder cases. The author, Masato Sonezaki, has an attractive appearance and appears at a press conference for his newly published book.



  • Title: 22年目の告白―私が殺人犯です― / 22 Nenme No Kokuhaku
  • Also Known As: 22 nenme no Kokuhaku: Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu; Confession in 22 Years: I Am a Murderer
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Detective, Investigation
  • Run-time: 1 hr. 57 min.
  • Release Date: Jun 10, 2017
  • Download Links: 540p | 720p
  • Subtitle Link: English-Subtitle

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