Memories of the Sword (2015)

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  • Title: 협녀: 칼의 기억 / Female Warrior: Memory of Sword
  • Also Known As: Female Warrior: Memory of Sword
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Historical
  • Run-time: 120 Min
  • Broadcast period: Aug 13, 2015




Three warriors from the Goryo Dynasty, Poong-Chun, Deok-Ki and Seol-Rang pledge to fight for the impoverished people under the incompetent king and they lead a riot. However, due to Deok-Ki’s betrayal, Poong-Chun dies and Seol-Rang, as stricken by guilt, flees with Poong-Chun’s sword and his infant daughter, Hong-Yi.
18 years later, the female warrior is now blind and she trains the young woman in martial arts. Soon Seol-Rang reveals that she is the one who killed her parents. Hong-yi falls in utter shock, leaves Seol-Rang and plans to get revenge on both her and Deok-Ki, by now the most powerful man in the country. Soon blood will be shed.



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